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Our Operations

Chartering and operations

We is a tanker chartering service, offering a wide fleet of product tankers to the market. We handle these prestigious industry transactions with a high level of confidentiality and due diligence.

Our company prides itself on being a leader in the tanker shipping industry, with a vast network of contacts and relationships around the world. We offer our clientele a wide selection of tankers to choose from allowing them a competitive edge over their competitors. As a result, we have been able to achieve our success thanks to our innovative business plan, the diversity of our assets and investments, and an approach that is focused primarily on long-term growth.

Technical management

Our objective is to control fuel consumption and pollution, not just in the technical management of the vehicles operated by our customers but in the corporate fleet we use in our daily business. We comply with the latest technological innovations in terms of control, monitoring and conservation of energy and we guarantee we will always be at your disposal in any situation because in our way only the customers and only in the field of services, we do not compete.

Safety and quality management

Seacian Ship Pte ltd focuses on a sustainable business and continuously improve its internal health, safety and quality policy. We do not hesitate to go for a tiny gain in time, cost or efficiency with fatal consequences to health, safety and environment. Our policy is the maintenance of a sound mind, body and soul of our employees.